Adderall and Alcohol: Top 5 reason why should not mix Adderall with Alcohol

You should not decide for yourself to drink alcohol when taking Adderall because you are not a doctor, you are just a normal person who is prescribed to Adderall for your ADHD treatment. Some people will get recommended to take Adderall for narcolepsy and other diseases.

You can have a small amount of alcohol if you are a person who does not abuse Adderall. That to have a small quantity at the end of the day. This will not affect drug interaction with your brain.

But on the other hand, if you are abusing Adderall then you should not mix alcohol with Adderall for many reasons. Read the top 5 medical reasons with an explanation why you should not mix Adderall and Alcohol.

Uppers and Downers

Adderall is a medication that will improve your abilities and improve concentration. It also helps you to stay focus. But drinking alcohol will deprive quick functioning of the brain. Adderall is upper and Alcohol is downers. When you take it together too often, it will nullify each other partially. As a result, there will be less improvement in getting away from ADHD. Your medical condition will never get cured as your body could not get enough amphetamine and dextroamphetamine salts to stimulate neurotransmitters of the brain.

Your body will not respond as normal

It should be noted that you should not mix alcohol and brain stimulants like Adderall medication. Because it will induce a person to continue use of alcohol and lead to alcohol poisoning. When your body receives both alcohol and Adderall at the same time, it definitely not results in positive effectiveness. In fact, drug or alcohol addicts will take Adderall to get out of that habit and activate their brain functioning.

Heart problems

When Adderall taking in higher dosage with alcohol will increase the risk of any type of cardiovascular disease or any side effects that is related to heart problems like Myocardial infarction. The major reason is due to the frequent interaction of amphetamine, alcohol with blood cells.

Affected person’s review

You can get a lot of stories of the different person who went through a terrible time in mixing alcohol and Adderall. For sure you will be hearing all the side effects they have encountered which include vomiting, anxiety, depression, loss of coordination, pouncing of heart rate. You can even look out for any addiction forums to know how many people got affected by the mixture of Adderall and Alcohol.

Impaired Decision

Adderall pills can trigger your ability when you are too tired and lost focus. But the nature of alcohol is getting you high after a few minutes. The chemicals in alcohol will not allow the brain to think or focus instead it will disturb the concentration.

So, limit your alcohol consumption and schedule drinking period when taking Adderall for ADHD or Narcolepsy. Do not abuse Adderall when you are taking additional alcohol.