Ambien withdrawal: How long does withdrawal symptoms last?

ambien addiction and side effectAmbien is an X drug and it is less habit-forming than other benzodiazepines. However, Ambien has lesser chances for drug addiction, the effects are still there. Ambien can lead to withdrawal symptoms as the person builds up a tolerance level to the drug even if it is given for around even two week time. When the person develops a tolerance level for Ambien, larger doses are needed of the drug as the brain starts to neutralize the sedative effects of the drug. As a result of this, the brain starts getting overactive when the drug Ambien is not given. So, if a person stops completely, the effects could even be fatal. For information on drug addiction treatments available for Ambien and tips on safe consumption of the drug, talk with the online doctors before taking the medication. Some trusted online pharmacies offer free Ambien prescriptions and medical guidance for patients who find it difficult to access local hospitals for medical treatment.

Withdrawal symptoms of Ambien

The withdrawal symptoms are high blood pressure, irritability, agitation, sweating, fever, stomach cramps, shakiness, nervousness, insomnia, convulsions, vomiting, nausea, panic attacks and uncontrollable crying.

Insomnia rebound due to Ambien

Ambien is usually prescribed as the person has problems in being not able to fall asleep. When the person gets dependent on Ambien and when they stop taking it, they again are unable to fall asleep and this sometimes is worse than even initial insomnia in the first place. The rebound insomnia sometimes lasts for weeks but once the withdrawal period is over, then the sleep patterns get better.

Ambien – Duration of withdrawal

When Ambien is withdrawn, the duration of the withdrawal period depends on each person. The symptoms can last for days or even weeks. Those who take these medications over long periods of time have more intense symptoms and struggle more than those who have taken smaller doses of Ambien or doses for a short period of time.

Timelines for Ambien withdrawal

In the first 4-8 hours severely people with drug addiction notice the withdrawal. Usually, people realize the withdrawal symptoms only in 1-2 days. During which there is confusion, loss of memory, difficulty in sleeping and mood swings. In 3-6 days the withdrawal symptoms peak and there is shakiness, nausea and panic attacks, as well as rebound insomnia. After 1-2 weeks, the person starts too normal again and the symptoms fade after the second week.

Detoxification of Ambien

To detox, there is a tapering down approach which is employed.  The dosage is reduced over time and so the body adjusts without Ambien. This prevents the body from getting overactive and prevents panic attacks as well as dangerously high levels of blood pressure or even confusion. This detoxification can either happen in a time period of 2 weeks to even months. Get to know the complete details on how to get detoxificated from Ambien from online web portals which is a dedicated site related to Ambien and provide all information on it. The aim is to decrease the amount of discomfort caused and prevent harmful symptoms of withdrawal.

Sometimes part of the detoxification includes switching to those benzodiazepines which are long acting. Inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs help in managing detox but it is very complex and needs a highly specialized approach. There is also cognitive behavioral therapy which when combined with the program helps to yield faster results.

What is necessary though is to realize that detoxification is needed and to help the patient get through it in the best possible way with the most amounts of understanding and support.