Are stress and alcohol co-related?

alcohol and stressLife can be stressful for many persons. We humans go through various pressurized situations in our life. Stress can affect a person both mentally and physically. There exist many situations where we experience various emotions like anger, sadness, excitement, anxiety and fear. Falling ill, getting injured or getting exposed to extreme climatic conditions can cause physical stress in the body. Feeling depressed, being in grief, constant fear and anxiety can create psychological problems in an individual.

Our human body has developed a complex process in dealing with different types of pressure and emotions. Our body maintains constant internal methods to respond to various environmental changes. This is referred to as homeostasis.

Many people who experience consistent stress will turn to alcohol to cope up with excessive stress. Consuming alcohol might provide some short-term relief from the stress because it makes a person feel relaxed and calm. But if a person starts drinking alcohol whenever a stressful situation presents itself, the practice can lead him to both physical and psychological problems.

Following are the various stress inducing factors which provoke people consume alcohol:

General-life stress

Certain unfavorable events in life that causes stress are divorce, death of dear ones, hectic job, relationship troubles, financial problems etc. Drinking for these reasons will not decrease your general-life stress but in fact aggravates them, like losing a job, facing a relationship breakup, becoming financially imbalanced, going through legal problems and many others similar issues. Are you taking pills to overcome alcohol addiction and experiencing massive hair loss? Opt to buy finasteride online and undergo the course of therapy for a shorter period of time to control hair loss.

Catastrophic Events

Research has revealed that alcohol consumption can gradually increase in 12 months from any major event or disaster whether man-made or natural disasters. This increase in the alcohol consumption eventually leads to addiction which can sometimes be life-threatening.

Childhood stress

Few people indulge in drinking alcohol in order to forget the challenges and difficulties they faced during childhood. If the person was not been treated properly during childhood, then the person might go through severe trauma in his/ her life. The childhood issues that have great effect on a child’s mind and can linger throughout the life are, maltreatment by parents or any other person, emotional pressures, bullying etc. Such children when they grow up get into the drinking habit to relieve themselves from the haunting memories.

Minority Stress

Many people face minority and ethnic racial issues. The consequences they face as a result are innumerable. These people consume alcohol extensively to make them feel better and to come out of the humiliation they face.


Alcohol’s response to the stress

Our mental state has the tendency to naturally respond to different kind of circumstances and events. But when people add alcohol with this operation, it not only affects their state of mind but also tampers with the body’s coping mechanism and result in great risk and harm. This is because, alcohol alters the brain chemistry by releasing large amounts of cortisol and resets the body functioning. It also changes the hormonal balance of a person. This results in a change in the body’s response to stress.

Consuming alcohol frequently prevents the body from returning to its natural hormonal point forcing it to set up a new pattern. The formation of the new hormonal balance due to rigorous alcohol consumption can lead to several consequences in a person’s health. The person faces bodily disorders like heart ailments, breathing difficulties or any other injuries that could be minor or major along with other problems like financial instability, family or relationship problems, behavioral change etc.

Recovering from stress and alcoholism

Even if a person aims to stop drinking, the person can still experience stress. People who have once stopped drinking have restarted again to relieve their withdrawal symptoms. It is better for any person not to indulge in the habit of alcohol consumption so as to stay healthy. Emotions and stress can be tackled efficiently without the interference of alcohol. You can also take prescription drugs along with deaddiction treatment for alcohol addiction. There is also a chance to get rid of stress due to alcoholism by hypnosis. This method can induce some sleep and reduce the effects of stress. A new invention in treating this is the use of CBD oil for its hypnotic and antiepileptic effect. Those who consume alcohol, especially to forget their worries or get relieved from stress, can a consulting physician in order to stay away from the consequences that arise out of emotional drinking.