Controlling the urge to drink alcohol

quit alcoholPeople find it difficult to stop drinking when they are too addicted to alcohol. The temptations for the drink urge them to go for it. If still people try to avoid it, the withdrawal symptoms will make them end up drinking again. The craving for the alcohol is normal as few people like to drink. You might at times, though not want to, lose all your control for the longingness towards the alcohol. Your body goes through various physical and mental stresses in trying to stop yourself from drinking. With practice and efforts put together to stop drinking, the cravings will gradually diminish so you can gain control over quitting alcohol.

Analyze your triggers of alcohol

A person could be tempted to drink alcohol either due to external factors like environment or surroundings or due to internal factors that instill cravings for alcohol within them.

External Triggers
External triggers can be anything that tempts you to drink such as people, places, things, events or opportunities offered for you to drink. Though external triggers constitute to the high risk situations, they can still be controlled and avoided.

Internal Triggers
Internal triggers arise due to the inability of the mind to be stable and control temptations. Internal triggers are a result of mental and physical state of mind. Emotional triggers that lead to mental imbalance are excitement or frustration, anger and physical sensations like tension, headache and nervousness.

Try to stay away from high risk situations
There could arise many situations where a person despite his strong control fails to keep up. They somehow slip into drinking and regret it later. Do not keep alcohol supply at home so that you do not indulge in unnecessary drinking. Do stay connected with your friends but make sure that your friends understand that you are trying to control or stop alcohol so that they do not persuade you for the old habit of drinking again. If you want to reduce the anxiety during this time, know how Diazepam Works, which might help you to come out of the situation

How to cope with unavoidable triggers
Distract your thoughts

Engage in any activity or try to distract your thoughts when you find alcohol in front of you and cannot take your eyes off it. By busying oneself mentally, it is rather easy to avoid the temptations that arise due to getting exposed to alcohol.

Start saying ‘stop’
Learn to say “NO” to yourself whenever you feel the urge to drink. Though this is not easy, it will bring positive results with consistent practice. Remember, you are taking a big step that is going to change your lifestyle. Speak to yourself that you’ll have it next time and not this time and slowly prevent yourself from thinking about alcohol.

Calm yourself
When you face a situation that urges you to drink so as to relieve yourself from stress or tension, the first step you need to do is to relax. When you are in calm state of mind, your brain works better and allows you to take enhanced decisions. With peace of mind, you can stand with your resolution of not having alcohol.

Challenge yourself not to drink
Develop a steady attitude and try to work with your mind so that you do not indulge in drinking again. Understand that strong mind with right mind set is the solution to every problem and stress. Understand that you are taking a great challenge against your mind to make it stop drinking. This practice, if executed properly will help you to avoid alcohol most of the time.