How Buying Kratom can Relieve you from Alcohol Addiction

How Buying Kratom can Relieve you from Alcohol Addiction

There is an emerging new culture called like the social drinking culture where people tend to drink occasionally on parties and public events to maintain their social status but what they forget here is that this occasional drinking is the first step of getting in to regular which will eventually make you dependant on alcohol making you addicted to it over a period of time. In this article let’s see what is alcoholism and the ill effects caused by it and also let’s see what is Kratom and how is it helpful in recovering people who are alcohol addicts.


Alcohol addiction is something you experience if you start consuming alcohol more than regular and a dependence on the drink occurs which makes you an addict towards alcohol. You can find yourself getting addicted to alcohol by seeing changes in your behavior and attitude. You will not feel so normal when you stop taking the drink and may feel a sense of irritation. When you stop the intake of alcohol you will start the alcohol withdrawal symptoms in you in the next 8 hours from the time you had your last drink, this symptom may reach its peak in the next 24 -72 hours and will subside eventually. The alcohol withdrawal symptoms comprise much uncomfortableness including anxiety, stress, shakiness, nightmares, over-sweating, illusions, vomiting, raging anger, irritation towards people for no reason and becoming unsocial.



You will start feeling the starting stage of the withdrawal symptoms in 8 hours from the last drink and you will start experiencing anxiety, stress, nausea, vomiting and a mild abdominal pain accompanied with it.

The next stage is the peek stage where an alcoholic finds him in an ever-worst situation, the addict will start expiring this second phase 24- 72 hours from the last drink he had. In this phase, he will start experiencing an increase in body temperature and elevated blood pressure and fever and confusion over things.

The final stage is the one that the addict experiences after the 72 hours from the last drink he has and this stage is accompanied with hallucination, seizures and body pain, this may retain for a week and would subside and the person affected with withdrawal will become normal and free from alcohol.


Kratom is a natural herb that is found in the form of leaves that are harvested from a tree called as the Mitragynaspeciosa which has its origin in Indonesia. Kratom when consumed in the right dosage and the right strain will definitely help people getting out of addiction from alcohol and other illegal drugs as well. Now let us see how the Kratom operates in helping people get out of the withdrawal symptoms. Kratom is made up of Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymytrgynine which acts on the opiate receptors of the brain and the GABA A receptors as well, alcohol also acts on the GABA A receptors.

When Kratom starts making its effects on the GABA A receptors, it creates a replacement on the alcohol that is already making its effect on those receptors thus helping us to get off the alcohol addiction we are in. The main reason behind this is that Kratom, when consumed produces a sense of pleasure and happiness and peace of mind and he, forgets the anxiety and the pressure he is already experiencing from the withdrawal of alcohol. An enzyme called as endorphin is produced which fights against all the ill effects and symptoms of the alcohol withdrawal and helps the person affected by alcoholism by improving the focusing strength and making him productive and destroy the thoughts of consuming alcohol and gets him out clean from being an alcohol addict.



Kratom, the special herb is everywhere now. Thanks to the growing popularity and its rising demand with each day. Will you believe me if I say the Kratom market has expanded exponentially than where it was in the last decade. The sudden surge of Kratom products and more number of buyers show that the beneficial effects claimed by Kratom aren’t a myth. However, one major issue comes in the form of finding the right place to buy Kratom. Before we could get into this, where do you think Kratom is available? Let me explain.

Before the inception of the internet, people could get their hands on Kratom only through one way. However, now there are two ways to go about this process.

  • Local Stores – Local stores are the physical shops where the retailers source Kratom from an unknown party and sell it to their customers then and there for specific prices. Dealers used to import Kratom from different countries to make it available in Canada, America and Australia.
  • Online vendors – With the bloom of the internet, online Kratom vendors have stormed into the market creating a huge demand for the product. They have even come up with different varieties, free shipping, and bulk orders and provide comfort to the customers along with other advantages. However, there are a lot of online sellers out there that it brings about the debate on who are all the most trustworthy and reliable online vendors out there.

Best Kratom Online Vendors in 2019

In 2019, we have witnessed a lot of Kratom online vendors venturing into the market with force. To gain deeper insights on the same and to know more on user reviews, you can find here, the best kratom vendors. Though this event is much appreciated, there are certain consequences for the same. With many vendors out there, users will have to break their heads to decide on the ones that can be quite reliable and the best out there. There are so many biased lists out there that could put consumers into the realms of confusion. How do you even compare two vendors just like that without any substantial evidence? What if you want to try some of the best vendors to arrive at a conclusion? Hence, we decided that it is necessary to compile information based on authentic user reviews and compile a dedicated list to facilitate a smooth way forward for the consumers. Since you have it right in front of you, it’s up to you to make a decision and take care of the proceedings. If you have been longing for this list, then I am glad to convey that your search for the best kratom vendors ends here.



Not all the Kratom strains can help effectively in alcohol addiction, there are various Kratom strains for various purposes, the red colored Kratom strain has more stimulating effect whereas the green strain has a moderate stimulating effect and the white ones have a relaxing effect. So, we cannot generalize all the Kratom strains will work for everyone for battling against alcoholism. Here I have mentioned some of the effective Kratom strains for alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

  • Maeng da Kratom – This Kratom shoes its effect on the body immediately after you had consumed the Kratom and it produces a more relaxing and calming effect and reduces the anxiety and stress produced by the alcohol withdrawal and help you combat against the alcohol extensively. 2-3 grams of Maeng Da Kratom is sufficient as a starting dosage.
  • Classic red vein Kratom – the main purpose of using this strain is that it produces a sense of euphoria and relaxation for 1-2 hours after consumption and this also helps extensively against alcohol withdrawal syndrome.
  • White Borneo – this Kratom is well known for its energy boosting property and this is also one of the best strains of Kratom that can be used for treating alcoholism.

All the above said Kratom strains are the most effective Kratom for treating alcohol addiction and we do not refer you any of these Kratom strains as we said earlier, it does not work the same for all the people.


  • Eat a proper diet with enriched nutrition.
  • Avoid sweet and sugar
  • Avoid consuming refined carbs.
  • Take your vital vitamin supplements on a daily basis without skipping
  • Hot water baths can also help you come out of the alcohol withdrawal symptoms.
  • Have a support group and make conversation with new and positive people to keep your mind positive and healthy.


Consider having a consultation with a doctor before you start your own Kratom medication.Buying kratom will show effect on your alcohol addiction by gradually.  Any slight mistake in the dosage of the Kratom can be very much dangerous to the body and you might end up in the worst situation.