Provigil and Alcohol – Drug Interactions

provigil and alcohol

Themixing Provigil and Alcohol leads to some science theory behind it and it is quite simple as their nature is quasi contradictory. The essence or the kernel of their mixing takes to their conflicting nature towards the two vital neurotransmitters in the brain. Gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA) and Glutamate are two neurotransmitters which are responsible for several cognitive abilities. So what are these two chemicals are capable of, let’s get the clear picture from the below passage:

The contradictory nature of Provigil and Alcohol

The doings of Provigil:

working of provigilGABA or Gamma-amino butyric acid is an inhibitory transmitter of the neurons. There are a lot of functions such as:

  • Plummeting neuronal nervousness
  • Controlling anxiety etc.

Glutamate is an excitory transmitter of the neurons. It sends signals to the nerves. It plays a vital role in the following areas:

  • Interpretation and
  • Memory or retention skills.

According to medical experts, Provigil acts against GABA and it is known for preventing the actions of the other neurotransmitter, Glutamate. Provigil is favorable towards Glutamate’s operations. It supports the progress of Glutamate by acting together with other receptors.

In other words, Provigil facilitates the operation of Glutamine by restricting or preventing the activities of GABA transmitter (Gamma-amino butyric acid).

The action of Alcohol:

alcohol actionsIf we study the nature of alcohol, it does exactly the other way.

Primarily, Alcohol opposes the effects ofProvigil. Since we came to know that Provigil is Glutamateagonists and GABA antagonist, Alcohol is an agonists towards GABA and it acts like an antagonist and hampers the performance of Glutamine.

As we have studied that GABA reduces the neuronal excitability, having excessive alcohol would make the individuals emotionally exhausted. They would also have to face fluctuation of tempers (or mood swings).

It is not very healthy to become tolerance towards the alcohol, as you increase your alcohol consumption you might become agonists towards GABA which could turn you into an insensitive or disoriented person.

The Risks that lies on mixing Provigil with Alcohol:

Drug interaction risksProvigil actually reduces the tolerance towards the alcohol, if it is not consumed with Provigil. The combination would increase the tolerance levels, sometimes the individual may feel he didn’t had enough alcohol even after exceeding the normal level.

There aren’t high risks with mixing Provigil and Alcohol if it is done with precaution measures. The only major concern you should remember while mixing up both is there is a chance of hydration affecting your system. It could be avoided in case the water is consumed in higher numbers. If not, you have to face severe hangovers the next day.

The other cautions to be remembered before mixing Provigil and alcohol are make your self have decent diet before taking the mixture. If not your body gets dehydrated and it could take long time to recover from that. Avoid aggressive calorie burning like walking in the sun or dancing etc.

There is a chance of you ending up drinking alcohol in more number of quantities than the expected. As you gets tolerant towards Alcohol more by mixing it up with Provigil. Take care that you eat healthy food to overcome hangover problems soon.

As there is always a chance of excessive intoxication, keep remembering that you had Provigil which is make you disown the fact that you had enough alcohol already. If you consume more alcohol, there could adverse negative reactions which could be fatal sometimes.

The reactions of having Alcohol some hours after taking Provigil:

The adverse reactions may vary according to the timing of having both Provigil and Alcohol which are as follows:

Do not consume alcohol immediately:

If Alcohol is consumed at the same time or few hours later Provigil, the individual may find get dozed off quickly within few glasses. During these situations, they should avoid doing normal actions like driving etc.

Having Alcohol 10-12 hours after Provigil:

provigil and consumptionIn these times, the purpose gets served generally. Your tolerance levels would improve (but not exceedingly high) as the chunk of Provigil will be out of your system.

Science behind mixing both these contradictory compounds is actually the fundamentals of the physics; two unfavorably different compounds mixed together could give favorable results. Alcohol which is against Glutamine and Provigil which is favorable towards Glutamine would allow you to have good experiences with the alcohol, providing you consume alcohol at least 10 hours of having Provigil. Or else it would lead to higher tolerant levels, which is another health problem.