What are all the side effects that could be caused due to the use of Provigil?

Consumers who wish to buy Provigil online have to remember that every medicine is prone to some side effects and that is inevitable. Some of such negative reactions or side effects that could be caused due to the use of Provigil are as follows:

MOST COMMON SIDE EFFECTS:side effects of provigilThe side effects differs largely from one individual, however there are certain common side effects that are produced by Provigil, which are as follows:

ANXIETY:It is a medical condition where the individual would feel suffocated with worried and negative thoughts. They would remain nervous most of the time. It hampers the normalcy in a very bad way, the professional and personal life gets disturbed. There is a huge risk of Anxiety becoming a chronic disorder if it is neglected or mistreated.

Nausea: It is a condition where you would feel like vomiting all the time. You could also observe an uneasy sensation in the stomach. It is not a disease or a disorder, it only occurs as the reaction to some other function. If it diagnosed and treated properly, the person would become normal within few hours.

Heartburn: It is also known as acid reflux which refers to the condition where the food eaten before would return back to esophagus. It causes the feeling of burning in the chest, feeling the sore or acid like taste in your mouth etc. It can be treated with having one glass of water with a spoon of vinegar. The activity must be reprised until the feeling of heartburn gets reduced.<Heart Burn>

Indigestion: It is a medical condition related to stomach upset, where the taken food or drinks are not digested. There could be a severe pain at the upper portion of the abdomen and burning sensation near the chest. It could get resolved after some hours. It can be treated at home, unless it is severe and persistent. Doctor consultation would be necessary at these times.

Allergic rhinitis: It is also known as hay fever, it shares the features of common fever. Where your nose gets swelled and eventually leads to running nose, Watery eyes and high temperature. It is easily curable, in case of severity, consult your physician.


rare side effects of provigilThe following are some of the rare side effects of Provigil, there are not observed frequently, the probability of such negative reactions is extremely minor, the list as follows:

Blurred vision: It is also known as hazy vision where the objects are not clearly visible; the individual must take some external help for the clear vision. Most of the times, it happens to one eye, occasionally there are chances for both eyes to become blurry. This is quite a serious effect if it is persistent for a long period of time.

Dizziness: Also classified as a version of Vertigo, where person feels each and every object is spinning around all the time. People get unbalanced and sensitive towards light and sounds. You must seek the help of your physician in case you feel it for prolonged time. In general conditions, you will recover with hours.

Depression: It is a psychological condition where the individual could get unpleasant thoughts every time, detachment towards emotions, hopeless feelings, etc. The major problem of depression it makes you lose interest in everything you had loved and cherished before. There is a possibility of the individual getting suicidal thoughts, sometimes. It is the severe stage above all the anxiety and stress disorders. Psychiatric treatment is very necessary to get rid of such state.<Depression>

Memory loss: It is another extremely rare side effect of Provigil. Individual could forget his past, or some important events in his past. It affects the judgement and the reasoning abilities very gravely. The individual could recover with high nutrient diet and psychological help.

Provigil Overdose Symptoms:

The following are the negative reactions caused by Provigil when it is over consumed by the individual, the list is as follows:

  • Hypertension or High Blood Pressure,
  • Hysteria – Tremendous or uncontrollable excitement
  • Insomnia or Narcolepsy (Troubles with sleeping)
  • Irregular Heart beats

Though Provigil is known for its minor side effects, this is the description of various kinds of side effects that could be caused by having Provigil.