What are the adverse effects of using Adderall for ADHD?

sideeffects of adderallIf you are having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, then medicines can help you extensively. One among which is Adderall, a highly potential central nervous system stimulant that works to help you focus more and gain control over activities. Yet, for many people, use of Adderall comes with a price- the side effects. Usually, the side effects are mild and fade away in a short period of time. For some, it could take months or till the treatment ends, while for others, it doesn’t happen so exactly. A few people could experience adverse side effects by using Adderall for fighting attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. For guidance on using Adderall without getting affected by its side effects and for the purchase of safe and authentic Adderall pills, visit any of the reputed internet drugstore and get information about the sleep aid medication. Online medical experts in online pharmacies like exlpharmacy.com give assistance in choosing the right dosage strAdderallr adderall so that the side effects are reduced. Skim through this article to know about the side effects of Adderall in detail ranging from mild to adverse.

Adderall resulting in nausea:

This feeling is a common yet quickly dissipating one. Nausea feeling usually lasts for a week or so and disappears once the person is used to the Adderall medication.


You might get concurrent headaches if you consume Adderall on an empty stomach or if you have been dehydrating. You might also have head ache if the Adderall medicine wears of its potency. This could be helped by your doctor by tweaking when you consume the pill.

Dry mouth

While being on medication with Adderall for ADHD, dry mouth is a probable condition and could be taken care of by consuming adequate water or can consume lozenge to help dry mouth.


Dizziness could reflect a sign that you might be consuming too much of the use of Adderall medicine. It is better if you get your blood pressures checked with a doctor when you feel too dizzy.

Loss of appetite

Eating less is a major sign of side effects resulting due to consuming Adderall pills. But skipping meals can lead to reduced level of blood sugar in the body which can hamper your ability to focus and stay attentive. To cope with loss of appetite, you can have small meals every now and then instead of having three large meals a day. Include lot of proteins as that’s the best way to let your body absorb rich nutrient content. Loss of appetite can also lead to excessive weight loss of the body which is again a threat to your health. So decide, you need to continue Adderall or not.

Changes in mood

As Adderall is associated with helping to improve attention deficit disorder, sometimes, Adderall can also bring changes to your mood. For some people, medications can make them get tensed and agitated. Though your change in mood would vanish over a while, you could still choose to see a doctor if your moodiness is bothering you.

Sleeping troubles

A highly adverse reaction of Adderall is the inability to fall asleep and stay asleep. To overcome sleeping disorder, you can either take the Adderall tablet early in the day or request your doctor to give you a short-acting stimulant if your Adderall pill is a long-acting one. Cut down your caffeine content as it makes one harder to sleep. A better way is to practice relaxation therapies to help do away with sleep distress on a daily basis.